Sunday, April 27, 2008

Advanced Notice!

I have been directly tagged with my first meme. I'm pretty sure I'm not a big fan of this, but I'll be a good sport and participate. This means two things.

1. I have to tag six of you (and the first 6 who comment to tell me that I shouldn't choose them...will be chosen.)

2. It's time to post some blog of which will be "Don't tag me 'cause I won't play."

Don't get me wrong, it's not having an assignment foisted off on me that bothers me; it's that I'm now required to inflict it on 6 of you.

What do you think would happen if I tried to tag Scalzi, Gaiman, Wheaton and a few more of that ilk. Yeah, I didn't think so either.


Anonymous said...

I was pretty sure you'd be a good sport about it, chief. Plus, the reason the meme is successful is the social pressure embedded in the DNA (the rules), since you have to tag people in the comments to their blogs, instead of by private email. Kind of like getting a chain letter in junior high school posted on your locker instead of in the mail.

Nathan said...

Yeah, well, if I really wanted to get even I'd just tag more people from your blogroll and tell them it's all your fault. :D

Shawn Powers said...

So, the first time I get to read blogs in weeks, and this is what I find? Memes? :D

But, aren't you like, supposed to post stuff about yourself or something?

Anne C. said...

Considering the UCF is a loosely organized group of individualists, I think we were "lucky" a meme was tolerated at all the first time around.

You are a being very, very good sport about participating, Nathan.

Nathan said...


The title is "Advanced Notice". This isn't me responding to the meme. It's me announcing, "Crap, I've been memed". D'uh!

I'll follow through later tonight or tomorrow.

Nathan said...


I did threaten to only tag people from Unfocused's blogroll.


Shawn Powers said...

Oh, I know. I've just been away for so long, I felt like I had to say something.


Ilya said...

I'm always game for this, Nathan, so despite that fact that you are such a nice guy who might feel awfully uncomfortable tagging virtual strangers, feel free to tag me in the future...