Saturday, April 12, 2008

Stuff I Like

I would never do anything so crass as reviewing a movie I worked on, but tonight, I watched the DVD for Pistol Whipped. The important thing to know is that there's a really cool extended Slo-Mo shot of a headstone with my name being blown apart by machine gun fire.

That's worth renting, right? Yeah. You know you want to see that!


Tania said...

Mr. Seagal - thumb down
Mr. Henriksen - thumb up

Which leaves your involvement to be the deciding factor, which is three or four thumbs up.

I'd feel more motivated if you got residuals or something like that, you know?

Cool, my capcha is ldypez. I'd like to meet Lady Pez one day. Maybe I'll work her into my Sophie story... along with Tim Pratt.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Sophie...

I'm really slammed for the next several days, between work for a client and finishing taxes. Would anyone further down the Sophie list be willing to switch with me (I'm up now)?

Nathan said...

This just means that whoever is next in line should take up Sophie's Perils (apologies to Pauline). It also means the rest of you are off the hook to write the coda.

Justin, you are moved to the end of the line and much is expected of you.

Anonymous said...

Roger; I shall ponder continuously on the fate of our heroes at whatever points I'm not continuously pondering on the giant pile of work I need to do or the looming tax deadline.