Thursday, April 17, 2008

Because You Were All Friggin' Dying To Know!

The meatloaf (although not grilled) the other day was a complete success. What I didn't mention was that my grocery store seems to be incapable of or unwilling to package meat in quantities meant for two people. I'm not talking about family packs. Those make sense.

But my nearest grocery store always has packages of meat that are completely appropriate for three adults. And we'uns just got us two here. So something always goes into the freezer. Well happily, after glomming together the right amount of meatloaf that would provide one meal for two and enough leftovers for some cold meatloaf sammiches, I had exactly enough ground meat left for two perfectly sized hamburgers. Which I formed. And put into the freezer. Each in its own little freezer bag.

And an hour ago, I took them out to thaw. So I get to barbecue those lovely little burgers tonight. And there's beer too. What's not to love.

I knew your day would not be complete without this information.


Anonymous said...

You know, Nathan, you could put those two burgers in the Rotissimat using the basket -- you know, the same one you could have used for the meatloaf -- and not only would the fat just drip away, but you could Set it and forget it!

Random Michelle K said...

When we make turkey burgers, we always make extra and put them in the freezer. Separate 'em with waxed paper, then wrap in foil and place in a freezer bag, then we pull out as many as we need.

Almost as useful as veggier burgers for busy nights.

Tom said...

Michelle, turkey birdgers! Ewwww.

Nathan, I find that grilling stuff and then freezing it makes it almost OK in the nuc-er. It still has that "cooking with fire" (Rowr!) taste.

And speaking of grills (because, ya know, we were), what's with this Gas Grill Of Retribution? You've already explained that your grill isn't one of those sissy gas things. It's a real man's grill with one of those sissy rotisserie things. Where's this gas grill come from that you're so fond of Foooming people with?

Nathan said...

If memory serves, someone presented me with the FOOM as a gift. Although I don't want to cook with it, FOOMing is clearly done with the propane valve cranked up to 11.