Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sophie From Shinola - An Ending?

Everyone (including non-participants) has been invited to try their hand at providing the final chapter of Sophie from Shinola. Here's my entry.
Ms. Wilberforce looked up from picking lint from between her toes as the door to the examination room opened behind her. Turning slightly in her chair, she could see Dr. Wesley Crusher leading the little girl into the waiting room. "God", she thought, "He's such a Mary Sue motherfucker." The girl's mother stood, worriedly.

"Mrs. Of Nine", Dr. Crusher said. "I'm Dr. Crusher."

Sophie's mother said, "Please, call me Seven."

"All right", he said, "Let's just sit down and talk for a moment." Inwardly he was thinking, "Rawr, I'd sure like to interface with her".

As they took their seats, Dr. Crusher continued, "Seven, your daughter either has an extremely active imagination or she's dangerously delusional. We just don't know which."

Seven looked at Crusher and said, "What do you mean you don't know which. Those are pretty divergent diagnoses."

Crusher looked a little defensive and replied, "Well, not to be indelicate, but this is Cincinnati. Sorry, but this really is a shithole of a hospital. I'm going to recommend you take her to Dr. Janeway in Chicago."

"Yeah right," Seven said, "I've met that pompous bitch. I'll take my chances on finding someone on my own." She turned and said, "C'mon Sophie, we're leaving."

Sophie looked up at her mother thinking, "It'd be really cool if a dinosaur ate her when we get to the parking lot." But she held back on giving voice to the thought, instead saying, "Yes, mother. Can I have chicken fingers for dinner?"

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