Monday, April 21, 2008

I Get Email

I just got an email from one of you UCFers saying that maybe Sophie from Shinola bogged down here in the home stretch because some of you might be hesitant to take on the task of being the final word. I won't narc out who sent the email (OK, it was Michelle), but I think there may be a valid point there.

So, since I'm to blame for the whole thing in the first place, and since the secret emailer (Michelle) volunteered, here's how we're going to finish this off. Tania and Justin need to submit their entries. These should be setups for a finale (or not). Then, (Michelle) and I will each write a conclusion. She'll email it to me so I can post them both simultaneously. Then, we'll all vote on what's the best way to end it.

Update before I even hit the Publish button: I'm already changing the rules. Hah, I'm totally consistent in my fickleness. Here's what we're going to do. Once I receive and link the final installments (setups) from Tania and Justin, I'm going to open it up to anyone who wants to try. I'll post a deadline for emailing me an ending and then I'll post all of them simultaneously. Then we'll vote on which one gets official status and gets included in Saqib's wonderful creation. Don't think of it as an opportunity to be one of the losers...think of it as a way to be an also-ran!


vince said...

Don't think of it as an opportunity to be one of the losers...think of it as a way to be an also-ran!

Think of it as being a non-winner.

Anonymous said...

Or a non-loser!

Nathan said...

Or a non-loser!

I'm sorry, did this become T-Ball and nobody told me? Does everyone get a participation ribbon to celebrate self-esteem?

There should totally be an actual winner (bragging rights only), and the rest of us should just suck it up and celebrate our inner-losers. (It'd be a shame to put in all those years of practice only to have the category abolished.)

MWT said...

I motion that the also-rans also make it into the final book, in a section titled as such. Maybe even make it a "choose your own ending" affair. Thus, nobody truly loses. :)

Nathan said...


(Actually a "choose your own ending might be fun and it certainly fits the spirit of the whole thing.)


Tania said...

Um, it's an honor to even be nominated?

Random Michelle K said...

If nominated I will not run. If elected I will not serve.

Is that right?

Nathan said...

Will too!

kimby said...

I am confused. With both Tania and Justin's pieces up...whose comes first? I am just asking so i can link them on my blog in the correct order.


Nathan said...

I've made a habit of linking these before reading them and I received Justin's about a nanosecond before I received Tania' I posted them in that order.

I think confusion might be the appropriate response to anything you find here. I'm now going to go and read both of these installments and then I'll talk about our need for an ending.

True to my own A.D.D., I'm already obsessing about the next game.

Anonymous said...

When I checked this afternoon and there weren't any comments, I thought I'd posted in the wrong place saying it was up. Now I see that it was just that everyone was too confused to comment.