Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Inspiration Eludes Me.

How's this for a meme? I got nothing.

I don't want to hear anything more about Barak Obama's tiff with Rev. Wright until they actually schedule a slap-fight in a kiddiepool full of Jell-O.

I don't care about Miley Cyrus or Disney trying to disown her (while still reaping in all of the proceeds).

I care a little bit about Paula Abdul's prescience on American Idol. Last night all of the contestants had to sing twice. They all took their first shot and then the judges commented on each of them. Paula told Jason what the problem was with his second performance...that he hadn't done yet.

Update: I forgot to mention, Vince's online radio show is on tonight!
7:00 pm Central time. People can go to, click on the Listen Live image, and follow directions.

I'll try to find something I care about today.


I don't care "Where in the world is Matt Lauer".


Steve Buchheit said...

Go hijack a thread and make yourself feel better.

mattw said...

What about the fact that Grand Theft Auto IV is out there to corrupt the minds of THE CHILDREN!?! What about THE CHILDREN!?! Won't someone please think of THE CHILDREN? I know I grew up on Mario, and I think it's perfectly reasonable to smash any small square configurations of bricks that I might come across floating in the air. Then there were the mushroom problems...

vince said...

How about where in the world is Carmen Sandiego.

Random Michelle K said...

Matt who?

mattw said...

Or Waldo, who's keepin' tabs on that guy these days?

vince said...

Nathan is very cool for pimping my show, which will feature another blogger and sometimes commenter Kate Baker and her as-yet unreleased music.

And, of course, I'll be pimpin' Nathan as well. 'Cause like, he does the cool movie and cool bloggin' thing, ya know!

Nathan said...

Cool Beans!

Is Kate gonna be in the studio or are you doing some of that internetty, telephoney, modern gadget magic?

Random Michelle K said...

So 7PM CT is 8 EST?

Because math and geography hate me.

Nathan said...

8:30 Michelle

(just kidding)