Friday, April 11, 2008

Another Review. Poison Sleep by T.A. Pratt

Kate has posted Part 28 of Sophie From Shinola. The beginning and explanation can be found here.
I'm officially a fan now. You may recall how much I liked Blood Engines, Pratt's first attempt. Well, in Poison Sleep, Marla Mason is back on her home stomping grounds in Felport. She's the Head Sorcerer there and while the job calls for protecting her city from all magical evils, dangers, monsters and plots, it also calls for her kicking the shit out of other Sorcerers from time to time when they get ambitious or greedy.

Her sidekick Rondeau is along for the ride again and in this outing, we'll start to meet the other Sorcerers of Felport, both Marla's allies and challengers.

As with the previous book, there are enough sub-plots to keep you guessing all along, but the main thread of action revolves around a bat-shit crazy woman who, when she's not catatonic, is projecting her nightmares on Felport. And it's really hard to kick the shit out of a nightmare...they just seem to take whatever you throw at them and come right back.

And certainly no other sorcerer in Felport would take advantage of the chaos to try to get rid of Marla, would they? Of course they would.

Marla's awfully busy in this one. I loved this one too, and hapilly, Marla will be back in her third installment this October in Dead Reign.

By the way, the first two books completely stand on their own. I'm glad I read them in order because it's nice to know the characters, but you could pick up Poison Sleep first without feeling lost.


Tom said...

Damn, you're quick! Maybe numbers are your forte after all!

I'm not a magic fantasy reader much, but your descriptions my entice me into reading Pratt! Thanks.

Nathan said...

Well, I told you about how I read slow when I hate something. The opposite is true as well.

Somehow that doesn't seem fair.

Random Michelle K said...

It's a good thing Natha, trust me.

It means that when you back to read the good books a couple years later they're just as good.

vince said...

Thanks for the review. I appreciate fantasy, so I'm going to get Blood Engines and check it out.

Nathan said...

I think you'll like it a lot Vince. Let me know.