Sunday, April 20, 2008

Saqib Comes Through Big Time.

Saqib told us he'd be compiling Sophie from Shinola into a single document and he has totally outdone himself. He's hit the ball out of the park. He has lapped the field. I've run out of superlatives, but...yeah, I like what he's done.

Sophie from Shinola is now a free E-Book. The cover art is beautiful and intriguing. The layout and font choices are excellent. Each author's entry has an embedded link back to their original entry on their sites. Saqib, this is totally excellent!

Now, I beseech the final authors to get their entries posted and, hopefully, Saqib can get them tacked on for a complete final document.


Update: As you probably realize by now, my big red button turns out to just be picture of a big red button. To get the working link, go to this post, scroll halfway down the page and look for it on the sidebar. Gah!

Update, the Second: Please make all of your breathless excited comments on Saqib's blog. He did the work and he should get the hits.

Update, the Third: Saqib, please email me the code to embed a working big red button. The big button should be working now.

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