Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stuff About Me

Did I miss something? I can't think of a single thing that has me outraged and is deserving of a rant. I can't think of anything jaw-droppingly flabbergasting that needs to be exposed here. There's nothing that's made me laugh so hard, I can't wait to share it with you.

So, lacking anything substantive to post about, I thought I'd tell you some random facts about me.

1. At the age of 8, I took Terry's quarter from her and threw it out of the schoolbus window. Sharon and Marie ratted me out so I was sent to bed early that night and didn't get to watch Daniel Boone.

2. I played trumpet in Jr. High School. When I got braces, I switched to baritone horn because it had a bigger mouthpiece. I was in my H.S. Marching Band and got to play Hail to the Chief and the National Anthem when President Ford came to Jacksonville for peace talks with Anwar Sadat. (I declined to play the Egyptian National Anthem the preceding day for Sadat's arrival. I kind of regret that now.)

3. I talked my H.S. Principal into giving me enough credits to graduate for spending my last semester of H.S. on a kibbutz. He forgot to ever follow through and I'm now a college graduate and a H.S. dropout.

4. When I was 17, I spent the summer working in the kitchen at Camp Ramah in Palmer, MA. As one of the new guys, I wasn't permitted to do anything but peel onions and potatoes until I learned how to juggle and could demonstrate the talent with three chickens.

5. I have never knowingly eaten a cat.

Feel free to tell me some random stuff about you.


Random Michelle K said...

I know people who have knowingly eaten both cat and dog.

Although not in this country.

John the Scientist said...

I have knowingly eaten a dog and a horse.

I switched from trumpet to Baritone Horn for the same reason. Knowing you were low brass makes a lot of things clearer, now.

Anonymous said...

Too funny on the HS graduation thing! I worry a little about my eldest on that same issue, but it's his job to follow through. (He just started college this quarter, but is walking in HS graduation this June.)

I played clarinet for a painful year and looked longingly at the saxophones. I also played classical guitar for several years, and still get it out and noodle with it from time to time. I'd like to learn bluegrass.

Nathan said...

The other nice thing about playing baritone is you don't have to compete for the solos.

vince said...

Here's my contribution:

1. I published my first poem in 4th grade.

2. Despite not having a teaching degree, or any degree beyond an AA, I have taught high school students and taught community college classes.

3. I once head speak, then met Elie Wiesel. It was a defining moment in my life.

Random Michelle K said...

I played clarinet in junior high and high school, because they wouldn't let me play drums, but needed another clarinet.

In elementary school I tried to play flute, but it wasn't until the end of the year that the instructor discovered my flute was broken, which is why I was having such a difficult time. But I'd long given up already.

I really disliked the clarinet and really wanted to play drums instead.

I played guitar from the age of 8 until I was 17. (I played and sang in the church folk group from the age of about 10 until I was 16 or 17.)

I also taught myself the basics of piano.

I haven't touched a musical instrument on a regular basis since I was 17. Why? Because although I can easily figure out the basics of any instrument I pick up, I'm never going to be any good at any of them.

Nathan said...

"but it wasn't until the end of the year that the instructor discovered my flute was broken, which is why I was having such a difficult time."

Brilliant fucking teacher. Way to pay attention.

Random Michelle K said...

Well, we're talking elementary school here--4th or 5th grade--so it's not like music teachers expected a lot out of us.

And I had nothing with which to compare, so I didn't complain.

Nathan said...

Michelle, It just seems to me that if you kept making horrible noises with the thing week after week, the teacher might have taken a look at the thing.

It's nice to know he/she just assumed you were unteachable instead.

Random Michelle K said...

Nathan, we were ALL making horrible noises with our instruments!

And the problem I think was that it wasn't making much noise at all. :)

Tom said...

I can juggle.

I played trombone in elementary school for 2 years, and never touched a brass instrument after that. You really have to have your own mouthpiece.

I interviewed Neil Diamond after a concert for our Junior Acheivement radio show.

I graduated from High School at age 16 because I went to summer school for 2 years to get enough credits.

I was in "Sing Out El Paso." an "Up With People" chapter, and improvised a speech for the Taos, New Mexico Junior Chamber of Commerce that resulted in the JCCs giving me a standing ovation. It was one of the true highlights of my life.

My nickname all through school was Mouse (from Tom-mouse). I finally gave up the nickname in the Army.

Nathan said...

I think joining the Army just to rid one's self of a nickname is a little extreme. :D

Tania said...

I've eaten horse. Horse Testicles.

I can wiggle my ears, nose, and scalp.

I can flex my pecs like Hans and Franz.

I broke Jeannie Moore's tooth in seventh grade when I hit her in the mouth with a chain. It was a total accident.

Random Michelle K said...

Suuuuure! It was an accident!

I see we now have our bouncer for the group: the Chain wielding Tanya!

Nathan said...


In 4th Grade, Cinderella Moseby was in the lunch line behind me. She bent down to pick up something she had dropped and then hit her head on the bottom of my tray when she stood up. I was something like 4'5"/ 80 lbs. and she was at least a foot taller / 140 lbs.

I got called into the Dean's office and when I got accused of hitting her with my tray, I just said, "Have you seen Cinderella?"

That got me off.

And I thought Mischka was our enforcer. I get so confused sometimes.

Random Michelle K said...

Enforcer? No such thing!

Mishka just likes peace. Sometimes peace requires big stick (glances under table) but all friends here!

Sit! Have vodka! Have peace!

Nathan said...

OK, vodka.

And I just had another look at my last comment and possibly I should clarify.

the hook.

That got me off 'the hook'.

Random Michelle K said...

You know Nathan, I hadn't taken that the wrong way until you pointed it out.

MWT said...

I haven't touched a musical instrument on a regular basis since I was 17. Why? Because although I can easily figure out the basics of any instrument I pick up, I'm never going to be any good at any of them.

That's no reason to not do something!

Would you give up trying to write because you'll never be Stephen King?

Random Michelle K said...

Writing is different.

I started writing, and continue to write, for myself.

I played guitar and was in the band because my parents told me to be, and because it was easier to continue than to convince them to allow me to stop.

I take joy in writing and singing, but playing a musical instrument just makes me feel embarrassed at my lack of talent.

vince said...

I've eaten horse. Horse Testicles.

And how did that work out for you?

Random Michelle K said...

Vince, did you not see the bit about her taking out your teeth with a chain?!

Don't taunt her!

MWT said...

Talent is overrated!

But if the only reason you ever played instruments was for other people, then that's good enough for stopping. ;)