Thursday, April 10, 2008

Holy BlogHits, Batman!

Somebody apparently linked my Prison Ships Martyrs Memorial post on Reddit...and I'm just gettin' hits left and right. Does that mean I've been Reddited? Is that the right word?

And how the hell does that work anyway? And when I backtrack to the referring URL, why can't I find where the link was?

Meanwhile folks. Watch out. There's strangers in here!


Janiece said...

Ah, your first "brush with greatness."

I was linked by The Bad Astronomer, and it quintupled the traffic on HCDSM for the day and skewed by metrics for the month.

I called it "The Bad Astronomer Bump."


Random Michelle K said...



(runs and hides)

Anonymous said...

Red alert! Battle stations! Run for your life! Man the life boats! Batten down the hatches! Wave your hands in the air like you just don't care! Hide the brownies!

kimby said...

Justin...forget the brownies...hide the Vodka!
(wondering when the hell we got brownies)

Random Michelle K said...

(peek out)


Anonymous said...

Your post reminded me that my Google analytics has been broken ever since I upgraded my blog - and maybe before - and I have no stinkin' stats. I'm pretty sure I'm still in the sad realm of <25 unique visitors a day, still, it'd be good to know.

Tom said...

Among all the new creziness, some old craziness intrudes.

(raises his hand)

"Yes, Tom?"

"Part 27 is posted. Kate's next. I left a comment on her blog."

So much for Sophie-istication!

Anonymous said...

@kimby: I figured with this group, there were probably some "special" brownies hanging around somewhere, and though I'm not into that sort of thing, I'd hate for the strangers to find them.

As to the vodka, don't hide it, drink it! The strangers are coming, we'll need a buzz!

Nathan said...

Jeri, I don't get a stat for Unique visits, but I'm quite certain its under 25 per day. But I just passed my 5000th visit overall.


And the Reddit surge seems to have petered out.

vince said...

Vodka and brownies. Yum, yum!

Eric said...

Don't be afraid. A stranger is simply a friend you haven't met yet. A friend who gives you candy that makes your head and tummy feel funny and then you're sitting on a park bench and you don't remember being dropped off and your shoes are untied and your pants are unzipped and your butt hurts....


Anyway, they give you candy, so you shouldn't be scared of them. That's all I was trying to say is all.

kimby said...

I forgot to mention that one of those strangers is my almost 13 yr old son..he has been popping in since he started reading Sophie....and so I am hiding the brownies AND the Vodka.

Nathan said...

"one of those strangers is my almost 13 yr old son"

Does that mean I have to start watching my language?


kimby said...

Not to worry Nathan....He won't read anything on here that he hasn't already heard before. That and he is an unusual 13. More like 20. Seriously. I always wondered what I would do when my kids were smarted than i was...i just did not expect that to happen when they were in grade school. And don't even get me started on the 7 yr old who is now taking working with the grade 7's for Reading and Math. I am so screwed when they get older.

Nathan said...

I suggest you get them jobs where they telecommute and no-one knows how old they really are. Then you just sit back and put your feet up.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that one of those strangers is my almost 13 yr old I am hiding the brownies AND the Vodka.

Forget the vodka and the brownies, if I were you, I'd hide Eric! O_o

*puts on his iron underpants*

Random Michelle K said...

Eric, when they come to give you the oval white candy with the line down the center and the numbers and letters on that back, you might want to tell them you need another piece.