Friday, April 4, 2008

Comment Thread For Part 16 of Sophie from Shinola Written by Charles Duggleson

Charles has posted Part 16 of Sophie From Shinola. The first part of the story can be found here.

Comments don't seem to be enabled on his blog, so I'm setting up this spot for comments.

I, for one was very gratified to learn that Mowat is an inhuman sex fiend bent on driving Mona to unspeakable acts of Romance snippets.

And I've gotta figure out how to follow that. Not gonna happen tonight!


Random Michelle K said...

I LOVED the vibrator mention, which is all the more amusing because he missed the entire history of vibrators comments.

Dinosaur sodomy, vibrators, what more could a story want?!

Nathan said...

Michelle, You may not recognize it when you see it, but that comment just totally gave me the idea for my next part of the story.

Thank you.

Random Michelle K said...

I await in fear and terror

Anonymous said...

I think we will all go to hell for what we've done to this poor story. Isn't it great? ;)

Charles, nicely done! I like visualing Mowat as a calculating android.

Tania said...

You know, I was joking in the comments when I called Mowat a cybernetic pleasure-bot.

But the vibrator reference was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments, guys (yeah, I'll get around to enabling a comment system on my site eventually). This was a lot more terrifying to try than I'd imagined but I suppose the next go-round will be better.

Y'know, we must be starting to subconsciously synch here cuz I totally missed Tania's pleasure-bot reference (I've a lot of catching up to do). Anyway, it did seem an obvious lane to take for us sci-fi fans, but I purposefully held off on declaring there had been trysts between them in the past. Really, as far as that angle goes, I wanted to imply that it was, for the time being, just one of Mona's fantasies.


Anonymous said...

oops and Mowat has only one 't.' me fix (unless i can count that as my "change").