Monday, April 28, 2008

Where Do Memes Go To Die?

Why, here, of course!

After being tagged last night, I announced that I would participate but that I'd add a rule to my blog stating that I won't respond to them in the future. I've changed my mind. That lacks finesse. You see, I've discovered that there is a service I can provide to the internet with very little effort.

I hereby volunteer to henceforth, serve as The Official Intertoobs Black Hole of Memes. The Meme Pit. The Meme Whacker! Meme-Be-Gone! Meme Interrupted.

In the short time since I responded, two of my tagees have announced that they don't do memes. One has responded, but said that she doesn't forward memes. Three haven't done anything yet, but I've got faith. Stand up for your right to only participate in lunacy that you've volunteered for. Stick it to the man! Don't respond! Or, if you must, trace back the history of this thing and send it spiraling backwards!

The next time I respond to a meme, I expect it to look something like this:

I've been tagged for a meme where I have to name three nasty infectious diseases I've had at one time or another in my life. I'm supposed to tag three people to continue the meme.

Tagee #1: Fuck You!
Tagee #2: Why didn't you die of one of those diseases.
Tagee #3: I'm currently suffering from one of those diseases and I'm sending you a jar of pus!

So, feel free to spread the word. I'm open for business. If you've got a meme that needs killin', this is the place. I won't be posting that new rule; I'll just refer people to this post.

Hah!, Polybloggimous: The Memes Roach Motel...Memes get in, but they don't get out!


Anonymous said...

Dude, you're getting a little riled up about all this, don't you think? My blog controls over at have this handy function called "DELETE," that is useful for dealing with all kinds of stuff. I know Blogger is different, but I bet there's something similar. Helps keep the blood pressure down.

Nathan said...

Wound Up?

This is fun!

Shawn Powers said...

Uh... yeah... So I tagged my wife.

FYI -- bad plan. I also have vowed against the spreading of any such things, apart from a voluntary participatory based approach. And then, rarely.

I think you should craft a weapon to be used in the blogosphere to kill memes. Along the lines of Janiece's shovel, but with a meme-killing design. Call it something like, "The Memelator"

I'll buy one too. :D

Anonymous said...

Wound up, riled up, hell, I originally wrote "het up," but I deleted it because I have no idea what it means.

As long as you're having fun, then my work was not in vain.

Random Michelle K said...

Is this a good place to mention that "I'm Rabies"?

Nathan said...

"As long as you're having fun, then my work was not in vain."

Cheap blog fodder that doesn't require too much thought on my part? Hell yes!

Janiece said...

Now that was entertaining.

"I'm currently suffering from one of those diseases and I'm sending you a jar of pus!"

I scared Boogie the Giant Schnauzer with my reaction.


Tom said...

Nathan, my post is up.

Anonymous said...

Too funny. Way to get riled up in a fun and constructive way!

And I'm thinking anti-meme missiles might be a good weapon to have on hand. ;)

Anne C. said...

Bwah! That was great, Nathan.
Being a blog meme exterminator is a delighful idea. :)
I am a black hole for email memes myself (except for maybe once in a very blue moon).

Jim Wright said...

It's not the memes themselves that are evil, it's the memers, ur uh, what I mean to say is guns don't kill people, people kill.. wait, uh, oh nevermind.

I've forwarded links to this page to everybody in my address book, sort of a die meme die! meme. Perhaps you could put up a post requesting the top 10 memes that should be killed?

My head hurts, I have to go lie down now.

Nathan said...


You're memeing people about memes? That's just warped.

However, if my stats spike from your address book visitors, I'll make a meme about that!

Stupid Nathan's Head!

Steve Buchheit said...

Well, now I know where to send them (although I'm seldom tagged, which makes me wonder if that's a good thing or if I'm just such a loser...)

And I was really looking forward to tagging Jim next, but, you know, I like my kneecaps facing the way they are right at the moment.

Jim Wright said...

Feel free to tag me, Steve, I consider you a good bullshit filter and I figure if you're tagging me you've applied the beady eye to the meme before forwarding.

Plus, I get sort of a kick out of it, for some perverse reason.

Random Michelle K said...

Plus, I get sort of a kick out of it, for some perverse reason.

You hear that? Everyone send your memes to Jim!