Sunday, April 27, 2008

Six Unimportant Things About Me.

I got tagged by Unfocused Me to participate in a Meme. Meh! I think he's just getting even with me for that whole LolFish ugliness. Before I get into this, since everyone was supposed to link the person who tagged them, I decided to try to trace this back to it's beginning. I fully intended to tag whoever started the thing. Serves 'em right. Well, I managed to track it back about 20 or so generations. (Folks, you should link the actual entry, not the front page of the person's blog.) At any rate here's what I found before Firefox froze and there was no way I was starting again. First of all, I was able to trace it as far back as a few Christian blogs in the Southwest. From there, interestingly enough it went to Wales to a woman who is interested in the paranormal. Then it hopped around Hong Kong and some photographers. Next, it flew to a bunch of places but landed firmly in the hands of Romance Writers. At some point, it got to us: fans of SF and SF writer wannabes.

Also, at some point, someone left the word Unimportant out of the title of the meme. I'm bringing that part back.

So, now I have to come up with six unimportant things about myself and tag six other bloggers.
As I said in the previous post, I will be installing Rule #1 at Polybloggimous. In the future, tag me at the risk of getting an unpleasant response. Since I didn't have that rule posted, I'll play along. I'll also apologize in advance to whoever I decide to tag. In future, I'll never tag someone with something unless I just think it's beyond cool.

Before I forget, I need to post the rules. The rules are:

  1. Link to the person who tagged you. (I did that above, you bastard! :D)
  2. Post the rules. (Done)
  3. Write six things about yourself. (I'll get to it; keep your shirt on.)
  4. Tag six people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs. (Dread)
  5. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their sites. (Dread also)
  6. Let your tagger know when your entry is up. (Yup, got it.)
So, here are six unimportant things about me. Some of them might even be true.

1. I live on a one-way street that heads South.

2. My heartburn is acting up tonight and I'm totally out of Tums.

3. Widget (the fat cat) has scratched me three times this week solely because she is incompetent at being a cat and has the brains of a yam. Some of these may leave scars. And she's sleeping in my lap while I type this. Let us pray that she doesn't dream of zombies.

4. Every year my sister brings a group of Sixth graders to NY for a trip. I always meet up with them for an afternoon and play tour guide. It's really easy because I can point to any impressive building in the neighborhood and say, "Madonna has an apartment there." They're sixth graders from Florida. What the hell do they know. (My sister thinks it's pretty funny too.)

5. I once drove a Honda CRX through a windstorm in Nebraska. The wind was head-on on a straightaway section of highway that was flat as a board. I had the gas pedal floored and I could only get the car up to 45mph.

6. I have held onto a cow's tail and skiied barefoot through cow shit.


The following folks are getting tagged because I'm fairly certain they'll forgive me, be good sports about it and I don't think any of them have access to cruise missiles.








Now I will skibble off to notify the tagees and the tagger.

Duty done.


Anonymous said...

See, how hard was that? Except for the whole tracing it back 20 generations to a group of Christian bloggers in the Southwest. That sounds like it actually took some effort.

Nicely played. I promise not to tag you again unless it's something totally beyond cool

Nathan said...

Honestly, it's passing it on that I hate. I love playing participatory internet games, but I like all the victims to be voluntary.

As to tracing it back, I was looking for who should get the Gas Grill of Retribution. FOOM!

vince said...

Hahahahahahaha! I don't have a blog! Although being warped and twisted, I think it sounds kinda fun.

Shawn Powers said...

Ok, I win. There's a participatory ribbon or something, right? :)

Here it is

Nathan said...


I was about to tag you, but then I remembered.


Everyone receives a small Guatemalan child.

MWT said...

So those would be the six people you most detest then? :p

I don't respond to memes. Sorry. Tagged or not, I don't care, the only time I do a meme is if I personally find it interesting in some way. Which is rare. And this one ain't one of them.

Nathan said...


Consider your position completely endorsed. I considered doing the same, but I wussed out.

Yay, MWT!

Janiece said...


Anonymous said...

Gee, I'm glad I'm not in your five, I mean six. ;) Interesting post though!

Anonymous said...

PS - my perspective is the same as MWT's. And I typically only respond if I can do so in a warped fashion and never tag anyone else.

Blogger has changed the format of their captcha codes and they are totally frustrating! I can't decipher them 3 tries out of four. Argh!

Eric said...

I'm afraid you've tagged several dead ends. I'll think about posting six unimportant things about myself, but since we all read the same blogs I don't feel right trying to tag six people only to tag either the same people you did or the person or persons who tagged you in the first place. Plus there's something about this that has a whole chain-letter-feel to it. "Oh noes! If you break the chain you will die a horrible death by hamsters! (But if you pass this on to six other people, you will be rich... in hamsters.)"

(Why the hamsters kick? Who knows? It's late--or early, depending on how you look at it, I'm sort of buzzed from the Springsteen show and the glass of Chardonnay I had while writing my review of the Springsteen gig--no, I'm not normally a lightweight, I think it's a totality-of-circumstances thing--and hamsters are what comes to mind. Because they're cute and deadly. Not individually, mind you. I'm thinking more like in the hundreds or thousands, like, if you were buried beneath 10,000 hamsters you would probably die.)

Anyway, feel free to tag me anytime you want with whatever, just understand that it's probably a ground wire sort of thing when you do--the meme runs to earth and dies. But the fact that MWT and Jeri apparently feel the same way makes me feel much cooler about it, like I'm part of this clique that wears shades and leather jackets and smokes behind the gym and absolutely refuses to pass on internet memes.

Sorry. Shutting up now.

Tania said...

All done!!

Tania's version

Ilya said...

How else would I learn so many fascinating things about you, Nathan? Well done for boldly going where many bloggers have gone before!

But come on! You made that one about living on a one-way street up, did ya?