Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The New York Yankees: Harbinger's of Ruin.

OK, now follow along folks. The Yankees are playing their Season Opener here in Yankee Stadium right this very minute played their Season Opener tonight. Their record when the season opener is in the same year as a Presidential Election is 16-11.

When the Yankees win at home on Opening Day, the GOP is 4-1 in the election.
When the Yankees lose, the Democrats are 3-0.

Please join me in rooting for Toronto!

Update, 8:57pm: Tied 2-2 going the bottom of the 7th inning.
Update, 9:19pm: Top of the 8th, Yankees lead 3-2.
Update, 9:41pm: Final, Yankees win 3-2. Crap.


kimby said...

As a Toronto fan...I'm a rooting beside ya!
(as a Canadian I cannot root for the Yankees. Not in my chemical makeup. Kind of like Hockey. I cannot root for Detroit. Although I have been know to clap for the Tigers every now and then.)

Anonymous said...

WE went to the Mariners/Rangers game tonight. Mariners lost. :( Detailed post tomorrow about it!

Todd Wheeler said...

Of the 4 - 1, who was the one? I mean if it was Lyndon Johnson, that doesn't bode well.

Nathan said...

Don't know Todd. I stole the stat from somewhere.

If you expect carefully researched articles here, you're looking in the wrong place.

Todd Wheeler said...

April 7, 1996.
Yankees 7 - Kansas City 3
Andy Pettitte winning pitcher
Field conditions were damp

So that would be Bill Clinton.

Courtesy of Baseball Reference.