Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Open Thread Wednesday.

Hopefully, I'll think of something to actually write about later today, but in the meantime, I declare this an Open Thread (as if any post I put up doesn't devolve into one anyway).

Suggested topics:

Stupid Criminals.
Stupid Cats.
Stupid Parents.
Stupid Politicians.
Stupid Celebrities.
Stupid Civil Servants.
Stupid Bloggers.

Please ignore your own content and provide amusement here.

Thank you!


Random Michelle K said...

Nathan sat up in bed, yawned and stretched, and then rubbing his eyes walked down the hallway to the kitchen.

Remembering his latest lecture about his health, he dutifully put a whole wheat english muffin into the toaster, poured himself a large cup of black coffee, and then a very small glass of orange juice.

Still yawning he pulled the toast from the toaster, and carried it over to the table.

He said down, then got right back up because he hadn't gotten the jam from the fridge.

After slathering an amount of jam on his muffin that would completely offset and health gains made from the whole wheat, he picked up his first muffin and took a big bite.

Nathan said...


Instead of putting all that other crap up about what we could talk about in this open thread, I almost just put:

"Michelle, tell us what to talk about."


Random Michelle K said...

I have absolutely *no* idea how to take that.


I guess no one else cares about your toast Nathan. Now you're frozen in time, a big bite of toast in your mouth... hope you can breathe through your nose!


vince said...

With apologies to Nathan, who despite his many sterling qualities, has some issues with higher math.

Many examples exist of Stupid Politicians, but may I present, for your consideration Taylor I. Record, one-term Indiana State Representitive.

Dr. Edwin J. Goodwin, M.D., was one of a long line of mathematical hobbyists to try to square the circle. He then wrote a bill to share this momentous discovery "royalty-free" with his home state of Indiana, and persuaded Representative Record, his respresentative, to introduce it, which he did. Without reading the bill.

One effect of the bill would have been to legally define pi (the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle, and an irrational number, meaning it can't be expressed as a fraction x/y, where x and y are integers), as "the ratio of the diameter and circumference is as five-fourths to four." The ratio 5/4 to 4 is 3.2 - a nice, round, WRONG number.

The House Education Committee, chaired by Representative S. E. Nicholson, reported the bill out of committee "with the recommendation that said bill do pass." It was taken up by the full House on February 5, 1897, and passed unanimously, 67 to 0.

Eventually the stupidity of the bill was made clear to the Indiana Senate, and they postponed consideration of the bill indefinitely.

You can get more details of this example of Stupid Politicians at the Indiana Local Government Information Website.

Janiece said...

Oh, Vince. How very sad.

Didn't Arizona also pass a bill that declared Pluto was a planet?

Like the planet/dwarf planet/kuiper belt object formerly known as "Pluto" gives a shit what we call it.

MWT said...

So wait, what happened to Sophie? Did all that just die off quietly in a corner somewhere?

Nathan said...

It's Tania's turn. I'm giving her a break and assuming she's busy. I thought I'd give her until tomorrow to holler at her. nicely.

Anonymous said...

Does Nathan still have some of Janiece's jam left? Because if so, that would explain why he's so willing to offset his healthy gains with yummy stuff.

There are many who feel personally offended that Pluto has been demoted. Shoot, what's next? Demoting Australia from continent to island? Demoting Alaska from state to very large county of Washington? Demoting the Gulf of Mexico to a bay?

Nathan said...


Sing it Jeri!

vince said...

Shoot, what's next? Demoting Australia from continent to island? Demoting Alaska from state to very large county of Washington? Demoting the Gulf of Mexico to a bay?

Well, not the Alaska thing, but there is no strict definition of what a continent is beyond a "large, continuous, discrete mass of land, ideally separated by expanses of water." And an island is usually defind as "a land mass smaller than a continent that is surrounded by water." Same with the difference between a gulf and a bay. They're both an arm of a sea or ocean partly enclosed by land, but a gulf is larger than a bay.

Not very specific. In fact, not specific at all. No precise definition of size. Just a matter of opinion of "experts" as to which is which.

Which is where the planet thing turned into a clusterfuck. The definition of a planet changed over time long before the IAU definition change in 2006. It used to simply mean a "wandering star," and some ancients counted the sun and moon as planets.

Please note that there is now a controversy about what actually consitutes a moon (although unless your an astronomy geek, you may not know about it). And many astronomers argue the current definition of a planet still has too much ambiguity.

You think liberal/conservative arguments and Christian/athiest arguments can get heated. You should read some of the articles and letters to the editors in the astronomy magazines!

Nathan said...

Hey Vince,

Would you please do me the favor of reminding me sometime Wednesday afternoon/early evening that your show is on that night. I keep remembering shortly after you go off the air.

Whatever I'm posting on Wednesdays will now have the subtopic "Pimp your radio show that's on tonight."

vince said...

I will do so. It's baseball season, so when the Twins have a night game on Wednesdays, my show is pre-empted. But I will remind you for my next show, which is the last Wednesday of the month.

And thanks.

Nathan said...

Well you can pimp the Twins games too, but I'm only likely to listen if they're playing the Red Sox.