Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hey, It's National Lookalike Day!


I've already told you that I've been compared to:

Groucho Marx,

Jim Croce,

and Frank Zappa.
It's a mustache and run-amok eyebrows thing.

I've also been told I look like Gene Shalit, but that's just plain mean!

Who do you look like?

(And, this is today's second post. Scroll down a little further. You don't want to miss the first.)
(Well maybe you do want to miss the first, but if that's the case, I just don't want to know you.)


Jeff Hentosz said...

Sixty pounds and a full head of hair ago, my wife thought I looked quite a bit like Jackson Browne.

More recently? Well, don't tell him I told you this, but when I was sitting in Scalzi's office conducting the interview for Geek Monthly a little over a year ago, Athena walked in, screamed "AHHH! Twins!" and ran out again. I hoped she didn't mean to insult her father. And he shortly thereafter announced the start of his DDR and diet regimen.

Random Michelle K said...

I've never really been told I look like anyone.

The closest is when a clerk asked my cousin Liz (twenty years younger than me!) and me if we were twins.

And I don't even think we look a thing alike!

I have an evil twin. Well, actually we take turns being the evil twin. But I look nothing like him either.

Anonymous said...

I don't look like anyone I can think of... but sites like all suggest that my facial features resemble Ashley Judd. (Maybe it's the smile & cheekbones?) On the other hand, I'm built a lot like her sister Wynonna, that is, quite statuesque.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of smile - Michelle, yours is gorgeous!

Nathan said...


That site matched me to three black guys I've never heard of...not a mustache in the bunch either.

Random Michelle K said...

The site matched me to two women and a guy, none of whom I've ever heard of.

And thank you Jeri, I practice all the time.


Random Michelle K said...

Oh. I almost forgot! Even if I don't have a look-alike, my dad has a "twin" with whom he used to work on a regular basis.

My dad & Ron would head down to Southern WV to do mine safety testing and training, and the waitresses in the small diners would regularly ask if they were twins.

My dad, of course, thought this was ridiculous.

The one day he was sitting in a diner in Ky, looked up and thought, "What is Ron doing here?" and then realized he was looking in a mirror.

Since they everyone in the family has referred to Ron as my Dad's twin. As in, "Hey! Saw your twin on campus yesterday. He said he's thinking about retiring soon."

Anne C. said...

Michelle, I'd say you look something like Andie MacDowell in those photos. Except your smile is prettier.

I, on the otherhand, look like no celebrity. I have one of those faces where people say, "have we met before?" or "you remind me of my third grade teacher, in Florida."