Monday, April 14, 2008

Pratt Sculpture Garden

The Brooklyn Campus of Pratt Institute is only a few short blocks from my home, so I thought I'd give you guys a peek. There's at least twice as much as what I'm posting here, so if you ever find yourselves in Brooklyn, it's well worth a visit. In each case, I've posted the descriptive plaque and then a few shots of the piece. So, without further ado (and very little comment from yours truly), here's some culture for ya!

I wished I'd had an apple for this one.

This one reminds me of a badminton birdie. By the way, the building in the background is the library. The stacks there were done by Louis Comfort Tiffany and they're spectacular. They're made of glass block so the sun shines through the floors and the rest is intricate metal scrollwork. (I couldn't take pics inside without a student ID, or I'd have shown you.)

I especially like the texture on this one.

This one is really quite haunting.

And this is my favorite. The base is left mostly natural.

This one is missing its plaque, so I don't know who the artist is or anything about the piece. I almost didn't post it without being able to give the attribute, but I liked it, so it's in. If anyone knows anything about it, please let me know and I'll update this with proper attributes.

This is another of my favorites. It looks like it's about to go off or something.


Janiece said...

Cool! Thanks, Nathan!

Random Michelle K said...

What was the name of the one eared bunny in Matt Groening's "Life is Hell"?

One sculpture reminds me very much of that character.


Anne C. said...

Thanks for posting those, Nathan. That one of the kneeling figures is very chilling. I'm glad it doesn't have the neon sign anymore, that would cheapen it, in my opinion.

Ilya said...

Great excursion, Nathan! I lived in Brooklyn for years (although it's been a long time since I left), and never came across anything of the kind...

Tom said...

Nathan, this is a really great post. I wish I could visit in person. Thanks for the guided tour.

Nathan said...

You are entirely welcome, Tom.

kimby said...

Nathan, I clicked through from the post on cootie chronicles..she links to you twice in the post...once from the words...This handy link

and from the word THIS.
While she doesn't mention you by name, the links do bring me back to here.

emjaro said...

whats the name of the artist who made four half ellipses that join on their corners? i visited the garden the other day but cant seem to remember his name.. its definitely something that starts with an N. and possibly his first and last name have N starts.

Nathan said...

Sorry Emily,

Don't know the answer to that one.