Thursday, April 17, 2008

Landmarks Achieved...Not So Much!

I noticed yesterday that I was approaching my 200th post here on Polybloggimous. I meant to keep track and try to make #200 a good one.

Then I forgot all about it. Then I wasted #200 telling you I'm having fucking hamburgers for dinner. I am a schmuck!

Ah well. I can alway commemorate the 500th post with a scintillating discussion of post nasal drip. Stick around. That'll be a real barn burner.


Janiece said...

I never even thought of those milestones.

Thanks, Nathan, now I have something else to obsess about.

Between blogging and podcasts, I'm not having much of a life, here.

Nathan said...

I only noticed because I'm constantly returning to the "Edit Posts" page to fix my many typos and happened to see that I was up to 197 yesterday.

And don't you dare scale back on your blogging. (I'm NOT going to get addicted to podcasts, though).

MWT said...

Podcasts? Where?

Nathan said...

Psst! MWT.

I didn't know what she was talking about either, but I figured I was obnoxious enough today on her site and on the 'e', so I'm trying to behave here.

Random Michelle K said...

Nathan, I've had 2074 posts since Jan 2004, when Movable Type crashed. No clue how many before that, but I've been writing since Feb 2002.

My point? I've never paid attention to any of those milestones.

Although I did just notice that all my 2003 Movable Type posts are, umm.. not available. (sigh)

Random Michelle K said...

Oh. That also doesn't count my book blog.

So don't worry about it!

Nathan said...

I don't really worry about it per se, but my blog is so young...I need to pay attention to things like baby's first steps, first solid food, etc, etc.


Tom said...

Nathan, you're so prolific that soon you will have a 200th post in a single month! It's hard to keep up with you, that's for sure!

But don't stop! It may be hard to keep up with you, but it's worth it!