Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It Could Happen!

If you're looking for the round-robin writing game, Sophie From Shinola, its here.

Really! It could! I'm planning to win the MegaMillions jackpot tonight. It's up to 135 million dollars (84.1 million cash option). For the sake of argument, let's agree that I'm taking the cash option and there are no other winners. So, after taxes, let's assume I'm netting about 42 million.

Aside from funding the UCF Bomb Shelter (which I'm told already has unlimited funding, thank you very much), how should I spend my newly won millions. (Giving it to you is not on the table, so just forget that one right now!)

All other suggestions will be considered.

P.S. If I actually were to win, I don't think I'd announce it on the internet.


Tania said...

Zeppelin. You need to have a Zeppelin, and be able to moor it at the Empire State Building. Because that would AWESOME!

Nathan said...

Ode to a Zeppelin

‘twas recently opined,
that a Zeppelin I should find.
‘twas also suggested to me
that mooring rights may be free
at the Empire State Bldg.

Yet problems exist with that plan
Tho’ few that are bigger than
That Empire State Bldg. won’t rhyme
Tho’ is otherwise quite sublime.
Perhaps the Statue of Liberty.

mattw said...

Buy all the houses on your block and then have secret passages to link them together. Or maybe the most kick ass treehouse ever, which you could then moor your Zeppelin to when it's not moored to the Empire State Building.

Nathan said...

You guys do know that the original plans for the Empire State Building did call for a mooring point at the top for blimps, but the first time they tried docking, high winds messed the whole thing up. It was deemed a disaster waiting to happen and they never followed through.

I'm also thinking I'd rather have a small jet than a Zappelin. Zeppelins are slowwwwwww!

Tom said...

Pity the Empire State Bldg.,
A mooring, the Zeppelin to hold,
For when I'm done with the gldg,
Said Zeppelin is covered with gold.

The Bldg. of Empire State,
UCF Zeppelin attached,
Will regain the title of "Great"
The two of them evenly matched.

State Bldg. known as the Empire,
The gas bag of gold at it's top,
It's mooring line hooked to the spire,
When it makes it's NYC stop.

The Statue of Liberty cries,
Her splendor, of course, to behold.
She weeps as she looks at the skies,
Seeing only the Zeppelin of gold.

Tom said...

Today being National One Cent Day is perfect! When someone says, "A penny for your thoughts," I can put in
"my (half-witted) 2 cents worth!"

John the Scientist said...

Nathan - save your money until 2013, Gulfstream and others are planning supersonic private jets.

Nathan said...

OK, John, I want one. Will they give me back any change from my 42 million bucks?

vince said...

You need to buy the Dominos that couldn't deliver pizza (similar to the Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight). Then don't fire the idiots. Find all sorts of legal ways to torture the morons. Make the official uniforms shirts that say "We're too stupid to deliver pizza." Make up a stupid song they have to sing to their customers with lyrics about delivering pizza. Yes, you are limitsed only by your (and our) imagination and the law.

And you know, sometimes the law is flexible.

Nathan said...

Hey Vince,

Aren't you supposed to be writing something?

John the Scientist said...

From what I'd heaqd, they'd leave you with 32 million.

Anonymous said...

Buy a yacht. Although 42 million doesn't go all that far in yacht-building!

Make a movie. Promote yourself from location manager to producer. ;)

Start a business - maybe futuristic data cube thing design and production. It's a heck of a lot of capital!

I might actually prefer a zeppelin to a jet. If I'm independently wealthy and not on a working person's schedule, I'd rather enjoy the journey than rush through it.

Nathan said...

Only 10 mil for the jet? I'll get matching his and hers versions.

No yacht for me. I met a number of yacht owners looking for one for a movie once. Those people are nuts. They order a yacht from Broward or one of the other manufacturers and then wait about a year for delivery. As soon as they get it they put it up for sale because its not big enough anymore.

If I need to go yachting, I'll charter one.

Also, I'd never be crazy enough to produce a movie with my own money.

Jeff Hentosz said...

Wow. Nearly nine hours of comments and no one has suggested the obvious (and as I don't recall you getting much into your domestic situation hereabouts, should this annoy you my defense, in advance, is ignorance):

One hellaciously humongomous diamond ring.

Nathan said...

Jeff, oh knowledgeable one, I believe you have hit the nail on the head.

Jeff Hentosz said...

Well, as I explained before, I'm all about teh luv.*


* And I know what I'd buy first. Then find a cherry 1950 Studebaker Champion.

Random Michelle K said...

Why would Nathan want a diamond ring?

They're shiny and all, but they ain't all that.