Friday, April 25, 2008

Cheering The Yankees. And I'll Only Be Doing This Once!

Earlier this month, I told you how a Red Sox Fan/Construction Worker, placed a David Ortiz jersey in the concrete being poured for the locker room at the new Yankee Stadium. I predicted the Yankee's would send in the jackhammers to remove the dreaded jersey, and of course, I was proved right two days later.

Well, the Yankees management decided to do a really neat thing with the jersey. They donated it to the Dana Farber Pediatric Cancer Center in Boston, home of the Jimmy Fund...the Red Sox's adopted charity. It was auctioned off and raked in 175 G's.

Classy! Yay Yankees...(just this once).


Tom said...

You're right! That is pretty cool. Yay Ya... Nope! Not gonna happen. Sorry.

Nathan said...

I didn't say it was easy, Tom.

kimby said...

What is this baseball you talk of? It is still HOCKEY season.
Seriously, Good for the is nice to see organizations give back. Especially sports ones who charge us a fortune to see them "play".
Not sure who we are following in Baseball this year...we were Toronto fans, but with Detroit only being a few minutes away from us, i often feel guilt in not supporting the Tigers...(Please note..I feel NO GUILT in NOT supporting the red wings. I just can't. It would burn.)

Nathan said...


I don't follow hockey, so you'll have to correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the Stanley Cup Playoffs just the second half of the season?

Doesn't every team get invited but the ones who's planes crash in the Andes, forcing them to resort to cannibalism, and therefore setting up an unfair power play?

Ilya said...

The Yankees this year also played a spring training game against a Virginia Tech squad.

I'd like to hear which two admirably charitable things your favorite team did do so far this year, so that I can return the cheer :)

Ilya said...

As far as Stanley Cup playoffs, hockey invites 16 out of 30 teams to the playoffs, exactly as many as basketball. Yes, baseball's and football's playoff are more exclusive, but, then, in football, half the teams are usually out of the playoffs with 25% of schedule remaining, and in baseball, some teams start the season out of playoffs.
In hockey, most of the teams are still in the hunt with no more than 10% of schedule remaining, which leaves it a lot more enjoyable for all involved.
I don't really follow hockey that much, but Stanley Cup playoffs are a real spectacle!

kimby said...

The Playoffs are a WHOLE NEW GAME.

Admittedly it is easier to get into the playoffs now than it was 30 years eight teams from both conferences...16 advance, 16 play golf a little earlier than the others..and now that they play best out of does make the Playoffs stretch until mid JUNE...but for Hockey lovers like our family...that means we don't have to go as long without it. Season this past year opened on September 29.
(although a little piece of me does miss the NHL from my youth..I think things are a little out of hand when places like Florida, Phoenix and Carolina have hockey teams. I think we should cut back the number of teams allowed. But that is just my own opinion)

Nathan said...

I really have no beef with how Hockey wants to run its championship, but it just seems like the playoffs go on forever

Ilya, As Janiece says, "You can be replaced".


Ilya said...

I feel like I'm already winning the argument. What, with a fairly transparent threat substituting as an answer to a rather direct question :)

Nathan said...


I could come up with a more terse answer...but I'm a nice guy.

Anonymous said...

Is that the one with the big white ball, where they knock it over the net? You know, the beach one?

Nathan said...

justin, my nice is starting to wear thin.