Thursday, April 17, 2008

Living On Tulsa Time.

Here's a wonderful story about a shooting at a McDonalds in Tulsa, OK. Okay, I take it back, it's not a wonderful story. There's just so much weirdness attached.

First of all, whoever wrote the article is just barely functionally literate. The article is a mess. But it is good to know, "
the News On 6 went back to that McDonald's on Wednesday and was told that particular manager has since been fired." That would be the manager who shot the customer at the drive-thru window.

And then, by all means, please peruse the comments. First of all there's a discussion of which shooting in that neighborhood on that night is being talked about. Sounds like a fun neighborhood. Also, much like the argument that raged over whether the new millenium began on January 1, 2000 or 2001, in Tulsa, they seem to have some difficulty with the concept of when Saturday ends and Sunday begins.

But lastly, you've got to love this gem from Ada from Muskogee.
"On sunday, 2;00 in the morning, most people are sleeping getting their rest to go to work or something, it sound like to me he wasn't the only one drunk. Now, a man is hurt behind a food order. God be with him, and the man who shot him also." It makes me tear up a Dickensian.


Random Michelle K said...

Is it just me, or did that article have a major problem with pronouns? I had a very difficult time keeping track of which him and he belonged to which gentleman, and I think that at least once the reporter switched the gender of the shooter or the victim.

But really it's hard to say.

Nathan said...


Somebody (really, not me. not me at all), is taking your name in vain over on the 'e'.


::Runs frantically from this room and all others::

Janiece said...

New Internet meme, brought to you by Shawn, Michelle, and Nathan:

Functional illiterates who try to communicate in writing!

Random Michelle K said...

I can wait patiently Nathan.

Nathan said...

Wait for what?

::all innocent-like::

Nathan said...

BTW, I forgot to mention that this is one of those web pages that makes me crazy because you have to play detective to figure out where the hell the story took place.

MWT said...

Yeah, I hate illiterate news stories too. You'd think they'd have learned the basics of Who, What, When, Where (and possibly Why, How) in journalism school - but then somehow every third AP article I read forgets to mention such trivialities. Or if they do mention it, it's hidden somewhere near the end instead of right up top. Also, a lot of them assume that you've been following along to a story for a while and have read previous articles so that they don't need to mention the basics anymore. So I'll see things like "Tornadoes Finally Go Away" - no mention of when the tornadoes were there, for how long, which parts of what state(s), etc.

vince said...

It do seem our wonderfulness edumacashkanal system do be havin truble with it's gradiots. Kummunikashun do seem to be a problem wid dem.

Nathan said...

Yeah, but Vince, that reporter is paid to communicate. And consider this. The report I linked is from "News 6"...which means it's probably a transcript of what some yutz anchor said on the air...which would be even more incomprehensible than the written version. (As if the story wouldn't be somewhat incomprehensible if it had been reported well.)

Holy Shit!

Tom said...

Nathan, Oklahoma. Another word for "lowered expectations." The "Sooners" because "Sooner or later somun's bound to say sumpin smort!"

Sorry, I know I shouldn't judge an entire state by the actions of a few people frequenting MacDonald's, and the people who write about the people who frequent MacDonald's and the people who comment about what the people who write about the MacDonald's incident wrote, and them other'ns, too.